Our Nest On Your Lot

Discover Your Dream Home on Your Land

If you’ve ever dreamt of crafting the perfect new home on your very own piece of land, Nest Coastal is here to make it a reality. The 'Our Nest on Your Lot' program is designed to transform your lot into the perfect canvas for your new home, guided by our homebuilding experts who are well-versed in the Charleston, SC area.

Your Home, Your Way

Building a new construction home is an incredibly rewarding time in anyone's life—but building your own custom home on a piece of land that you've personally chosen is on another level of excitement entirely. With our 'Our Nest on Your Lot' program, your dream home is brought to fruition, designed according to your needs and desires. Our unwavering commitment to turning your land into your nest ensures that the outcome isn't just a house—but a true embodiment of your vision in a location you love.

    Build on Your Lot With Nest Coastal

    At Nest Coastal, we’re here to help you create your ideal coastal home on your own lot with ease, comfort and satisfaction. As you take the first step towards crafting your exceptional new home with us, here is the information we require to ensure a seamless, stress-free process:

    • Your lot's address: This crucial detail allows us to determine if your lot falls within our building boundaries.
    • A comprehensive land survey: Including essential elements such as HOA and ARC guidelines, along with a septic plan if relevant.
    • Development specifics of your lot: We assess the availability of utilities and determine whether your lot is suitable for city water/sewer, or necessitates a septic system. 
    • Contact information: Providing the details of your real estate agent or the direct seller ensures clear communication channels throughout the journey. 

    As your trusted partner, Nest Coastal is committed to crafting a sanctuary that stands as a testament to your individuality and the love you hold for your desired location. Let us guide you through the process, turning your land into a cherished nest where unforgettable moments await. Contact us today to begin your personalized homebuilding adventure.

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